You’ve related to an aspect of our work, and you’re interested to learn more about how we may benefit your situation. Schedule time online or by calling (877)705-3276.


Our 30 minute phone appointment will help you determine if our process is a good fit. If we both agree it is, we’ll cover the next steps. If we don’t, then it’s right back to work!


In this meeting, we’ll educate you about the concepts using values that are relevant to your situation. These illustrations will help you determine if our work can be beneficial.


With you on board, it’s time for us to separately speak with the other employee/partner/investor(s) to assess what’s important to them.


Having identified what’s important to all parties, we’ll review a strategy that seeks to balance everyone’s interests.


Our process is designed to create lifetime clients. We continue to review and check-in to ensure everyone’s goals continue to be aligned with the strategy.