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  • Understand the 6 Pillars of Compensation, and where we play a role. 
  • ​Understand the conflicts of interest that exist when negotiating compensation with Key Persons
  • About our process and how we help you meet your goals and your key employee's goals
  • The HERO'S JOURNEY and how you can find a win/win situation that works for you
Kevin is the founder of ICG and author of Buckets: How Business Legends Keep Their Hustlers. To learn more about what Kevin does and how Buckets can help you, visit www.bucketsbook.com

Meet Our Founder

Kevin D. Monaghan

From top comedies, like “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation” to Financial Planning, and a move to China where he spent 7 years building one of the largest Financial Consulting firms that was eventually purchased by the deVere Group. This experience prepared him for the work he does today – aligning the interests of Business Owners, Partners, and Investors (PE and VC), to structure compensation models maximizing clarity and rewards. Currently based in Charlotte, N.C., Kevin uses his skills of working with American business owners to help retain key employees, develop buyout strategies and navigate working family business partners.

Kevin loves to teach entrepreneurs & business owners to help protect, incentivize, and compensate key employees and/or partners. He makes live appearances all over the country and helps Business Owners, Partnerships, Business Brokers (buyers & sellers), and key employees align their goals with workable compensation models that incentivize over time without running into some of the roadblocks of giving away equity, or control of dividend distribution.

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