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Kevin is the founder of ICG and author of Buckets: How Business Legends Keep Their Hustlers. To learn more about what Kevin does and how Buckets can help you, visit www.bucketsbook.com

Who We Are

Kevin D. Monaghan - Founder/Director/Author

From top comedies, like “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation” to Financial Planning, and a move to China where he spent 7 years building one of the largest Financial Consulting firms that was eventually purchased by the deVere Group. This experience prepared him for the work he does today – aligning the interests of Business Owners, Partners, and Investors (PE and VC), to structure compensation models maximizing clarity and rewards. Currently based in Charlotte, N.C., Kevin uses his skills of working with American business owners to help retain key employees, develop buyout strategies and navigate working family business partners.

Kevin loves to teach entrepreneurs & business owners to help protect, incentivize, and compensate key employees and/or partners. He makes live appearances all over the country and helps Business Owners, Partnerships, Business Brokers (buyers & sellers), and key employees align their goals with workable compensation models that incentivize over time without running into some of the roadblocks of giving away equity, or control of dividend distribution.

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Tim Bartolomeo - Director of Non-Profit Markets

Tim Bartolomeo is currently the Director of Nonprofit Markets at Intuitive Compensation Group. The former CEO of a $200 million operating division of Staples Commercial Products, Tim understands the value of a cohesive team. He now strives to bridge compensation gaps so that organizations can thrive without interruption.

Tim’s work in executive compensation addresses one of the biggest hurdles leaders struggle with – keeping their most valuable people on board. Giving back to the community has always been one of his passions and is reflected in the work he does with leaders in the non-profit space. He hopes to assist businesses in retaining key employees to minimize disruptions in the work community leader seek to do.
Tim received his Executive Development Certificate from Northwestern University and is an Elon University alum. In his free time, he is active in volunteer work and enjoys fly-fishing & listening to live music with his wife of 36 years, Anne. They look forward to becoming grandparents by way of their two recently married sons, Alexander and Justin. 
Tim has additional disclosures: View Our Customer Relationship Summary

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Matthew Clark - Director of Skilled Trades Markets

Matt Clark is an entrepreneur who knows all about the time, energy, and financial costs associated with losing a key employee. As the Director of the Skilled Trades Markets for Intuitive Compensation Group, he brings his personal experience to the forefront when guiding business owners in rewarding their key employees.

As an "America First" activist and a proud member of the "Bring Our Jobs Home Movement" Matt champions for hard-working men and women who roll up their sleeves and build America from the ground up, and for those who make it their business to employ our country’s most valuable assets. It takes great people to compound results over time. Matt knows that a lot of headaches can be avoided with a respectable and financially rewarding key employee retention program in place.

Bret Alexander - Client Experience Director

Guiding and supporting the success of individuals by attending to the details of client needs and successes of those he serves. Bret graduated with a BA from Edinboro University in 2008 and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, AnnaMarie, and their son Camden. Bret loves to travel, enjoys craft beer and hiking.

Bret grew up in western New York and after graduating worked for 9 years in the field of corrections. As a Program Director, he learned to work with a variety of people and created critical programs such as reentry, rehabilitation, and literacy along with organizing and managing a large number of volunteers. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Union County Education Foundation to remain connected to his passion for helping individuals in the nonprofit sector. 
Bret has additional disclosures: View Our Customer Relationship Summary

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Megan McDonald - Executive Assistant

Megan has a background in hospitality and administration and has worked for several companies throughout her career and is CEO and owner of her own company.

Megan has a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech and holds NC licenses for Life and Health Insurance.

Donna Aguiar - Executive Coordinator

Donna graduated from Champlain College with an AS Degree in Public Relations & Communications. She comes to us with over 25+ of professional experience which offers a solid background in both for-profit and nonprofit realms, marketing, program coordination, executive assistance, and communication. Donna is married and lives in Asheville, NC with her family and they have 6 children; 3 boys and 3 girls.

Marie Tang - Director of Operations

Marie Tang is the Director of Operations at Intuitive Compensation Group and one of ICG’s “Raving Fans.” Her work ethic serves the ebb and flow of materials, products, and services that make ICG the go-to resource for employee retention. As a former coordinator and a pre-published author, she intermingles organizational skills with top-notch writing to assist her team in creating marketing and personal management materials. She believes every individual who strives to be an entrepreneur deserves to be met with a support team that brings quality, efficiency, and positive energy to the table. Marie has a degree in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University. 

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